What you need to know

before making a decision

How figures are calculated

In the majority of programs we assessed, redeeming vouchers or gift cards provided the best value. Therefore the expected 'return' a rewards program will offer is based on redeeming points for a $100 gift voucher. The estimate also presumes the following:

  • The 'spend' figure you provide should be the amount you expect to spend (using the card) on eligable purchases. Check with the bank or financial institution if you are unsure which purchases are eligable

  • Rounding differences, minimum spending thresholds and other factors will result in the reported benefit being potentially different from the actual return you receive

  • Other benefits difficult to quantify (such as travel insurance, extended warranties, contiege services, access to entertainment tickets and higher earning rates for purchases at particular stores) are excluded from the calculations but should be factored into your decision making

  • Fees and charges (dishonour fees, interest, etc) other than the card's annual fee are excluded from the calculations

  • Loyalty programs occasionally offer sign-up bonuses, promotions (such as double earning rates), lower balance transfer interest rates and other once off incentives. These benefits are excluded from the calculations but should be factored into your decision

  • The calculated return assumes that for 12 months, you retain the card, that your spending patterns remain constant and program rules remain unchanged. In reality this may not always be the case.

  • Be aware of spending caps and points expiry (see other factors in comparison table)

  • The credit cards listed on this site are not an exhaustive list of all options available - they are cards that we have selected for consideration. If you feel there is a card we should consider please let us know via the Contact Us box below.

  • Comparisons are based on personal (not business) use of credit cards

  • Some rewards programs will require you to sign-up for membership with the loyalty program (for example Qantas Frequent Flyer) before you can earn reward points

  • Interest free days are only applicable when you pay your total outstanding closing balance in full by the due date

  • The information used by this site is updated periodically, but programs change frequently - you should confirm with the bank or loyalty program and validate the information provided by this site is current before making any final decisions

  • Please consult our tips for using your credit card

  • For more information on credit card usage, check https://www.moneysmart.gov.au/

This web site and the information provided should not be considered financial advice but general information on rewards programs and credit cards. Before making any decisions we would strongly encourage you to speak with a financial advisor.